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Album 30 (80 photos) Photo: © Danny Gudnitz   Salsa Loca at Store Vega in Copenhagen Dec. 12, 2009

View album 30 (80 photos)
View album 30 in higher resolution (recommended if you have a big monitor)

Saturday Dec. 12, 2009 Salsa Loca played at the officiel 2009 NGO party held at in Copenhagen at the very popular venue, Vega. The NGO party this year took place in Copenhagen because of the COP 15 conference.

Thanks to photographer Danny Gudnitz for the many excellent photos from the event.
You might also visit his own site at

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Album 29 (32 photos) Photo: © DJ Michael   Salsa Loca at Havanna (Berlin), April 30, 2007

View album 29 (32 photos)

Monday April 30, 2007, Salsa Loca for the second time had the great honour of playing at the biggest and most popular Salsa club in Berlin, Havanna.

And like the first time the venue was literally packed with 600 inside and about 200 hopefuls who couldn't get in. The occasion for the concert was the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Salsa club.

Thanks to Ronny (the owner of Havanna) and DJ Michael (standing between Signe and Tonny on the picture) for again looking to the North for a Salsa band for this great event.

The photos - except the first - are all taken by the official photographer from the Berlin party site,

Standing in: Bror Bødtker-Næss Larsen (congas).

Album 28 (22 photos) Photo: © Jesper Musaeus   Salsa Loca at Uncle Danny's Place, Sept. 2, 2006

View album 28 (22 photos)

Standing in: Jeanette Arp (vocal) and Bjørn Ringkjøbing (trumpet)

Album 27 (41 photos) Photo: © Marianne Brenner   Salsa Loca at Kulturhus Gimle in Føllenslev, Jan. 20, 2006

View album 27 (41 photos)

Standing in: Ernesto Manuitt (vocal), Carlos Perez (trombone) and Tira Skamby Madsen (congas)

Album 24 (24 photos) Photo: © Jan Valeur

Album 25 (9 photos) Photo: © Jesper Musaeus

Album 26 (11 photos) Photo: © Niels Prins

  Salsa Loca at the Copenhagen Jazzfestival at Byggeriets Hus, July 3, 2005

View album 24 (24 photos by Jan Valeur)
View album 25 (9 photos by Jesper Musaeus)
View album 26 (11 photos by Niels Prins)

A short review of the concert will soon follow.

Standing in: Jeanette Arp (lead vocal) and Ernesto Manuitt (lead vocal)

Album 21 with 58 photos Photo: © Ralf Bölke ,

Album 22 with 32 photos Photo: © Robertt (former

Album 23 with 19 photos Photo: © Foto Mann,

  Salsa Loca at the Potsdamer Stadtfest, June 4, 2005

View album 21 (58 photos by Ralf Bölke)
View album 22 (32 photos from the former
View album 23 (19 photos from

A short review of the concert will soon follow.

Standing in: Bror Bødtker-Næss Larsen (congas).

Album 20 with 19 photos Photo: © Leif Elg (1945-2006)   Salsa Loca at Etnorama, Feb. 26, 2005

View album 20 (19 photos)

February 2005 Salsa Loca visited the only venue in Copenhagen dedicated solely to World Music, Etnorama - and according to the venue it was their so far biggest crowd to a Salsa concert.

Among the guests - and also appearing as a guest singer in the end of the second set - was the Copenhagen based Cuban singer Ernesto Manuitt internationally known as one of the former lead singers of the Cuban band, Klimax.

Also among the guests was photographer Leif Elg (1945-2006), and we are greatful for having been given the opportunity to here show our favourites among his many excellent shots from a great night at Etnorama. All photos from the concert as well as photos from other Salsa nights covered by Leif Elg can be seen on Leif's page at

Standing in: Lene Pernille Christiansen (trumpet)

On a sad note:
It is with great sadness that we have to tell you Leif is no longer with us, having passed away on August 1, 2006, after a prolonged illness.

Album 18 with 36 photos Photo: © Wolfgang Brückner

Album 19 with 15 photos Photo: © Tonny Pedersen

  Salsa Loca at Havanna (Berlin), Dec. 29, 2004

View album 18 (36 photos by Wolfgang Brückner)
View album 19 (15 photos by Tonny Pedersen)

Wednesday Dec. 29, 2004, Salsa Loca had the great honour of playing at the biggest and most popular Salsa club in Berlin, Havanna.

And it turned out to be a night that we (the band) will late forget. More than 500 Salsa lovers found their way to the club this night to hear Salsa Loca from 'little' Denmark.

The Salsa Loca mini CD has during most of 2004 enjoyed one of the top position at the respected DJ Michaels play chart - and has been a 'local hit' at the club in 2004. Salseros and Salsa DJs from other parts of Germany were present, too, to experience the band that has received so much positiv notice in Germany and Berlin in particular in 2004.

At the day of the concert Signe (Asmussen) and Tonny from Salsa Loca were guests in a live program at Radio MultiKulti, which is based in Berlin. That Salsa and World Music is big in Germany is underlined by the fact that the radio station transmits World Music to half of Germany 19 hours a day seven days a week.

Thanks to Ronny (the owner of Havanna) and DJ Michael (to the left in picture above) for making our trip to Berlin possible - and to the audience for an unsurpassed reception.

The first set of photos shown here are taken by the official photographer from the Havanna Salsa Club, Wolfgang Brückner - and we are greatful that we have been allowed to show his excellent photos here. Especially the many photos of the Salsa dancing couples are worth a visit.
The second set of photos are taken by Tonny Pedersen before and after the concert and in the interval between the two sets.

Standing in: Peter Ehler (congas) and Lene Pernille Christiansen (trumpet)

Album 17 with 11 photos Photo: © Jens Rømer   Salsa Loca at Kulturhuset Klaverfabrikken, Dec. 2, 2004

View album 17 (11 photos)

Thursday Dec. 2, 2004, Kulturhuset Klaverfabrikken in Hillerød featured live Salsa for the first when Salsa Loca came by.

To the greater part of the audience Salsa as a musical genre and dance was all new, but just about all participated nevertheless eagerly in the introductional Salsa lesson - and started what became a funfilled Thursday night in Hillerød.

Thanks to Jens Rømer - one of the owners and pioneers behind Klaverfabrikken - for inviting Salsa Loca to Hillerød - and for allowing us to show his photos from the evening at this site.

Standing in: Irina Alberdi (lead vocal) and Lene Pernille Christiansen (trumpet)

Album 15 with 14 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen

Album 16 with 18 photos Photo: © Ulrik Teisner

  Salsa Loca at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Oct. 15, 2004

View album 15 (14 photos by Nana Hee Jepsen)
View album 16 (18 photos by Ulrik Teisner)

Salsa Loca visited Copenhagen Jazzhouse for the fifth time in October 2004 - and despite the rainy autumn weather there was a full house. In the crowd were two photographers.

The dance floor was packed with Danish salseros and a great positive vibe. Photographer Nana Hee Jepsen was there once again with her camera to immortalize the evening, her focus this time being the dance floor.

The first photo shows New York-style teacher Asger 'The Shark' Garnak (in the middle) in the delectable company of girlfriends Mette and Barbara, displaying the special Copenhagen Jazzhouse Cuban treat he had just won in a competition on this site before the concert.

Photograher Ulrik Teisner had found his way to Copenhagen Jazzhouse, too, and had his camera lens turned towards the stage all night to capture the action on stage.

Standing in: Peter Clement Marott (trumpet).

Album 14 with 48 photos Photo: © Ralf Bölke ,   Salsa Loca at the Potsdamer Stadtfest, June 26, 2004

View album 14 (48 photos)

Salsa Loca played June 2004 at the Potsdamer Stadtfest, the concert being the band's first concert in Germany and in fact outside Denmark if Salsa Locas numerous visits to Skåne in the Southern part of Sweden are not counted.

The charming Luisenplatz with the Potsdamer Brandenburger Tor made up the most beautiful concert setting for the many who came to watch, listen and dance. It was clear that the many local salsa dancers as well as those travelling to Potsdam this night from Berlin enjoyed dancing through the night.

After the conclusion of this year's edition of the Potsdamer Stadtfest the local press hailed the Salsa Loca concert as the highlight of the City Festival. Shortly after the return to Copenhagen, Salsa Loca was asked to return for the Potsdamer Stadtfest in 2005!

The event could have turned out much less successful though: The fortnight prior to the day of the concert had been with rain and the concert was outdoor. Furthermore the German football national team had good chances of qualifying to the quarter finals of the European championships in a match that would have been played at the same time as the concert - and which would have emptied all German streets and squares for other purposes than watching football. But the sun broke through in the afternoon the day of the concert and Germany didn't make it to the quarter finals!

The photographer Ralf Bölke of the Potsdam Salsa association,, was busy with his camera during the concert and has kindly allowed Salsa Loca to use the fine result of his work that night. Salsa Loca would also like to warmly thank Jochen (Woller) - also from the Potsdam Salsa association - for making our stay in Potsdam very comfortable, indeed.

Standing in: Rodrigo Labarca (bongos) and Peter Ehler (congas).

Album 13 with 5 photos Photo: © Viggo Peetz   Salsa Loca at The Copenhagen Carnival May 30, 2004

View album 13 (5 photos)

Since 1999 Salsa Loca has been featured every year at the annual carnival in Copenhagen - and again this year.

Viggo Peetz, a prominent member of the great but long ago departed Copenhagen samba school, Kolibri, and now a Cuban resident, was attending the concert with a camera.

The Cubans have a well known reputation of knowing how to party - and Viggo's photos support this allegation.

Album 12 with 16 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Dec. 5, 2003

View album 12 (16 photos)

Salsa Loca visited in December 2003 Copenhagen Jazzhouse for the fourth time. It was the last concert of the year and the last for several months as more than half of the band in January/February 2004 visits South America (Cuba and Brazil).

On a night with other tempting salsa music offers in Copenhagen, a local weather forecast promising storm after midnight and the final night in the popular Danish television program 'Star for a night' it was a great pleasure that so many turned up (thank you).
So after a most satisfying concert with an excellent sound engineer (thanks again) and a most gratifying atmosphere at the club the well complesion of the last concert of the year was accordingly celebrated afterwards backstage!

In the crowd and backstage was Nana Hee Jepsen with her camera, and she has tried to capture the energy and concentration on the stage and the relaxation backstage afterwards.

Standing in: Mia Engsager (trombone).

Album 11 with 15 photos Photo: © Lars Nybøll   Salsa Loca at Gran Teater for Dans in Århus, Oct. 4, 2003

View album 11 (15 photos)

Salsa Loca visited October 2003 'Gran Teater for Dans' in Århus at a concert arranged by the local Salsa club, Club Camaleon. Salsa dancers from Århus turned out in strength and the constantly packed dance floor served as a true witness that Århus is a major city at the Danish Salsa map!

Amongst those attending the concert was photographer - and Salsa dancer - Leif Nygaard which resulted in a series of good spirited photos. On one of the photos You'll see the popular Dutch Salsa instructor Morry with dancing partner Aronnette Martis taken from their show during the intermission.
Check out examples of Leif Nygaard's professional work at

Standing in: Mia Engsager (trombone) and Rodrigo Labarca (bongos).

Album 10 with 12 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca at Café-Pavillonen, Aug. 16, 2003

View album 10 (12 photos)

The popular Copenhagen salsateque, Columbus at Nørrebrogade, had a change of owners in the Summer of 2003, and the new owners, Jon Brüel and Mogens Kischinovsky, soon begun rebuilding the place.

As a 'gift' to the Copenhagen Salsa audience while awaiting the reopening of the popular night club, Latin Quarter - as the salsateque is now known as - arranged for an outdoor late summer concert with Salsa Loca at the Café-Pavillonen in Fælledparken.

In the crowd was Nana Hee Jepsen with her camera, and here are some of her shots taken before the dark.

Album 9 with 11 photos Photo: ©   Salsa Loca at Skanderborg Festival, Aug. 10, 2003

View album 9 (11 photos)

Salsa Loca played Aug. 2003 at Danmarks Smukkeste Festival (The Most Beautiful Festival in Denmark) as the Skanderborg Festival is known as.

Info-Kanalen in Skanderborg - one of the largest info channels in Denmark (local text TV etc.) - had a team of photographers at the festival and all the 3.000 photos from the event can be seen at
Info-Kanalen has kindly allowed us to use the photos from the Salsa Loca concert that took place at the stage knowned as Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet).

Dancers on stage: Irina Alberdi & Charlie Pedro Ibanez.

Album 8 with 11 photos Photo: © Peter Fuglsang   Salsa Loca at Etnorama, Sep. 20, 2002

View album 8 (11 photos)

On September 20, 2002, Salsa Loca played at Copenhagen's only true World Music venue, Etnorama, in the heart of Bohemian Nørrebro.

Here is a collection of Peter Fuglsang's snaps from a great evening in the company of Salsa Loca. Take note of the way Etnorama has decorated the walls... One of the shots from Salsa Loca's show in the Tivoli Gardens in 2001 (here) has been converted to a giant photo slide, projected on the entire length of the wall.

Standing in: Anders Thor Andersen (tenor sax).

Album 6 with 11 photos Photo: © Lars Nybøll

Album 7 with 47 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen

  Salsa Loca i Tivoli, 17. aug. 2002

View album 6 (11 photos by Lars Nybøll)
View album 7 (47 photos by Nana Hee Jepsen)

In August 2002 Salsa Loca played in the Tivoli Gardens at their Saturday nite party on Plænen for the third year in a row. As in the two previous years, the benches in front of the stage were removed, and the floor was packed to the limit.

The event was captured by the lenses of our two busiest photographers - and thanks for that!

Our ubiquitous Salsa photographer, Nana Hee Jepsen, captured the atmosphere backstage and during the sound check. She even managed to get a few shots of dancers in the audience during the show.

Our photographer, Lars Nybøll, who is also the man behind our press photos, showed up with the expensive lenses to play with the light of the Tivoli Gardens and the movements of the Salsa dancers. That resulted in these different and brillant photos.

The horn section on this occasion was augmented with Michael Mølhede (tpt).
Special guest in the rhythm: Edwin (guiro).
Dancers on stage: Juan Armand Cureaux, Dainerys García Hernandez, Charlie Pedro Ibanez, Trine Louise Koch, Sergio Bedoya, Angelika Nallino, Ramon Arturo Christiansen and Sara í Dali Hedeland.

Album 5 with 18 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca in Vognporten, May 11, 2002

View album 5 (18 photos)

The Cuban Cultural Association, Mamey, staged an event in May 2002 in Huset in Magstræde. It was a Latin American festival stretching over three days. As part of the festivities, Salsa Loca did a show.
Nana Hee Jepsen was there, and captured some of the vibe.

Standing in: Jeanette Arp (lead vocal) and Rodrigo Labarca (bongos).

Album 4 with 16 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca in Park Café, Aug. 18, 2001

View album 4 (16 photos)

The week after playing Plænen in the Tivoli Gardens 2001, the stage was set for another great night in a completely rammed Park Café in Østerbro. Nana Hee Jepsen was amongst the guests on the dance floor.

Standing in: Peter Clement Marott (trumpet).
Guest soloist: Charlie Pedro Ibanez (flute).

Album 3 with 24 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca in Tivoli, Aug. 11, 2001

View album 3 (24 photos)

In 2001 Salsa Loca played at the Saturday nite party at Tivoli's Plænen. The benches in front of the stage were removed, making way for a dance floor packed to bursting point. On stage, 10 dancers from Cuba and Denmark made sure there was plenty to look at. And we had, of course, made sure that Nana Hee Jepsen was invited. Here's a selection of what she got out of that occasion.

Standing in: Peter Lyster (keyboard).
Dancers on stage: Yanelis Merejon Diaz, Yaneicy Martinez, Irina Alberdi, Daineris Garcia, Juan Armand, Thomas Nyegaard, Dinah Merklin, Sara í Dali Hedeland & Henrik Dalsgaard Sørensen.

Album 2 with 21 photos Photo: © Nana Hee Jepsen   Salsa Loca at Sabor Latino, June 8, 2001

View album 2 (21 photos)

Copenhagen's popular Salsateque, Sabor Latino, is also the venue with the most Salsa concerts - mainly with Scandinavian and Cuban bands. Once a year Salsa Loca drop by, and on this occasion in 2001, Nana Hee Jepsen was present, too.

Standing in: Rodrigo Labarca (bongos) and Niels Lichtenberg (bass)

Album 1 with 7 photos Photo: © Lars Nybøll   Salsa Loca at Park Café, April 14, 2001

View album 1 (7 photos)

Since January 2001 Salsa Loca has consisted of the same 12 musicians - and the photos from the concert at Park Café in April 2001 are the first with the new line-up. The photos are taken by our regular press photo photographer, Lars Nybøll.

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Press photos 2001, no. 2: 627x900, 117 Kb
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From the studios of photographer Lars Nybøll, Nov. 2001

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